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Dirty Facilities are Wasting You
Time and Money.

Time Spent Dealing With Complaints

Customers Lost Due to Lack of Cleanliness or Unsightly Building

Sick Days Caused by Unhealthy Work Environment

How can we help?


Open Structure Ceiling Cleaning

Dust will settle on top of beams, piping, electrical conduit, duct work, etc. This creates air quality issues within your business and is unsightly. Our professionals use high powered HEPA-filtered vacuums to safely and efficiently remove contaminants from your ceiling.


Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Cleaning dirty ceiling tiles is better than replacing them.  It is  cost-effective, regains acoustic and fire ratings, prevents buildup of pollutants that contribute to "Sick Building Syndrome", and helps prevent disease and allergies. Cleaning your tiles will positively enhance your working environment and save you money.


Pressure Washing

Building walls and sidewalks can become grimy and covered in corrosive or acidic chemicals, dirt, sand, salt and more. The hazards of ignoring a dirty building and the benefits of routine pressure washing are numerous. Pressure washing periodically will extend service life and enhance beauty.

Post Construction Cleaning

The final step for a General Contractor after a construction or renovation project before turning over the key to the owner is to make the worksite clean and ready for occupancy. Our team of experienced professionals are experts in providing the finishing touch of a comprehensive cleaning in rapid time to ensure a faultless hand-over to the client.

Window Washing

Our method of cleaning windows eliminates the liability of climbing ladders. We use a water fed system that allows pure water to travel through poles giving our employees ability to reach windows 30 feet high without ever leaving the ground. The water used is reversed osmosis which cleans the water and dries with no mineral spots or streaks.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Operating a kitchen is a multi talented profession. Between the many tasks and making sure everyone is happy with their meals, there is little time to focus on deep cleaning. However, too much grease and dirt build up can be a bacteria heaven as well as a fire hazard. We use efficient methods and food grade products to safely remove these liabilities and restore kitchen health.

Sealant and Caulk Applications

Caulking is crucial to a building's long term preservation. Without proper sealing and caulking, air and water can penetrate the structure causing damage. Our team uses high-endurance products and strict procedures to ensure this important maintenance is done right.

Exterior Painting

We are all disappointed when a new paint job begins to have failing paint after just a few short months.  Our painters have decades of knowledge and experience to properly apply high-quality exterior paint to ensure your building will look great for a long time


Experience the Relief of a Facility Free of Pollutants & Restored Beauty

Our Promise to You

Less Stress

We'll take care of the building, so you can do what you do best.

Positive Feedback

Receive compliments from visitors and your teammates about how great your facilities look.


Safe Environment

We practice strict OSHA compliance, throughout the project your facility will be safe to staff and customers.

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Cleaner Air

A cleaner work space will increase productivity, less sick days, and happier employees.

We believe you deserve to hire a company that will give you no added stress and a beautiful clean looking building.



Our philosophy of doing good work to help businesses stay clean and safe is what has earned us the trust of our clients over the years, and is how we have expanded our services to 9 states. Our dedicated team has continued research into safe methods and materials to perform our services with the environment, the client, and the employee in mind. Cranestone has cleaned millions of square feet and serviced dozens of buildings, through this we have learned great flexibility and problem solving for each of our customers' unique needs.



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Trusted by Leading Companies

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The Process is Simple

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Receive a Proposal
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Enjoy Your Improved Facility
We promise to never leave your project until you are satisfied that our proposal is met.

A Cleaner Tomorrow


We have partnered with the Eden Reforestation Projects in an effort to fight the ongoing damage caused by deforestation. We pledge to plant three trees for every employee who has boots on the ground in a given work day. 

You can help this cause with no effort on your end. A report will be sent at the end of your project to show how many tree's we've planted together.

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Number of Trees Planted


We also donate to the Ocean Cleanup to help remove the islands of plastic and garbage polluting our oceans. We pledge to donate enough every month to clean 12 football fields of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Number of Football Fields of Ocean Cleaned

"The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save it." - Robert Swan


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